Tools, software and resources

Tools, software and databases we develop and maintain


An interactive tool for the detection, quantification and fine-tuning of isoforms using long-read sequencing


Graphical filtering and prioritization program for genomic variants analysis


A network-based algorithm for the prediction of gene-diasease associations. Designed to be used in the prioritization of candidate genes in WES and WGS analysis of rare diseases.


DNASeq analysis designed for rare disease diagnosis (CES, WES, WGS) and implemented in nextflow


Database for known and predicted functional associations between protein post-translational modifications (PTMs).

Machine learning R code

Snow (Studying Networks in the Omic World)

Extracts the protein-protein interaction networks behind a list of genes/proteins (signature) and evaluates its robutness against same-size networks generated from random lists of genes/proteins.


We are part of the consortium that develops Babelomics (, an on-line platform for an integral analysis of transcriptomic experiments, from raw data, normalization, differential expression, clustering, machine learning and other statistical analyses to the functional profiling using classical, gene set and network approaches.

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We also contributed somehow to other tools (in some of their releases)


Protein-protein interaction networks.

OGEE (database of Online GEne Essentiality)

Old tools and databases we developed or contributed to ..

Tissues Mining Tool

Finds tissues and tissue histologies in which two lists of genes display different distributions.


Use chemical and disease related information to detect related blocks of genes in a gene list with associated values.


Finds differential distributions of bioentities extracted from PubMed between two groups of genes.


The Arabidopsis thaliana Genome browser.