the TBLab team

Pablo Mínguez

PIomics, networks, PTMs,  genetic diseases, project writingpersonal pageCV

Graciela Uría Regojo

PhD studentGenomics, rare diseases, variant prioritizationcohort studies

Yolanda Benítez Quesada

BioinformaticianOmics, code writing, methods development, pipelines

Internship students and visiting scientists

Former members and students

Some Pictures

Cheering with coffee and toasts on the Andalucian day

Primera foto de grupo!

Our ZZ plant growing while xmas plant fights for surviving ...

Stairway to the lab

Perce at JBI2018 with a poster presenting new developments on functional characterization of PTMs.

Ionut on a talk about VUS prioritization

Perce at the aula Magna of the Fundación Jiménez Díaz.

the pandemia side-effects

ZZ in bloom like a teen spirit

Gonzalo at BioinfoCAM IV talking about VIsoQLR

Our first thesis, our first PhD, Dr. Perceval Vellosillo.

The whole Genetics and Genomics Department.

Ionut receives the FJD best theses award, congrats!


At the Real Academia Nacional de Medicina de España. A beautiful day!

ZZ at its top!