Bioinformatics Unit

See our 2018 report here

The Bioinformatics Unit of the IIS-FJD was born in 2015 with the aim of facilitating the translation of bioinformatics and systems biology methods to the national health system and their patients. We do so supporting researchers at the IIS-FJD (and from outside) in projects that involve omics/big data analysis and/or methods development that need of computation.

We work in collaboration and are willing to participate in any project at any stage.

We are members of the Translational Bioinformatics Network (TransBioNet) organized by INB and ISCIII.

We also have own projects, see here.

The Bioinformatics Unit Team

We are willing to help in:

  • Experimental design.

  • Analysis of omic data.

  • Ad hoc methods development.

  • Results interpretation.

  • Paper writing/figure designs.

  • Contributing to project applications (ideas, writing..)

Experience in several areas: Genetics, Oncology, Allergy, Inmunology, Nephrology and others.

Expertise in several techniques: DNASeq, RNASeq, Proteomics, miRNA expression and target analysis, differential expression, Functional profiling of omic experiments, machine learning for prediction, clustering, network analysis and others.

We collaborate in the development of Babelomics, an online platform for transcriptomics analysis.

Contact us with your proposal to: pablo.minguez @

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